I was really broke for most of 2014. I didn’t get to go to many bigger gigs, but I did go to a lot of smaller ones. I made this playlist of songs each by a band I saw last year. It’s not an exhaustive list, I just picked songs I liked by bands I had a good time seeing, which were also available on Spotify and worked together on a playlist. If you are outside the UK I don’t know if all of them will play, due to a lot of them being bands of people I know putting their records out on small labels or themselves. Hopefully they will.

1) There’s a Ghost in my House- the Fall
When searching for this song initially, I accidentally added a live version to the playlist. It was one of those Fall gigs where MES doesn’t know any of the words. Luckily the time I saw them this year was a lot better.

2) Yamato (Where People Really Die)– the Van Pelt
I was supposed to see the Van Pelt at the Jabberwocky festival which was cancelled at the last minute. After a bit of scrabbling I managed to sort out tickets to a replacement Van Pelt gig at a hotel not too far from where I live. Although I was aggrieved about the cancelled festival, getting a great headline gig at a smallish venue from a band who almost never play vs a 20 minute set at a giant conference centre that’s hard to get to wasn’t so bad.

3) In Other Words– Shopping
4) Taro Taro Taro– Halo Halo
Two bands who share members with Trash Kit. Rachel A is in Shopping, and Rachel H in Halo Halo.

5) Cat Call– Ravioli Me Away
“Don’t go walking around Clapham, you might find yourself marrying an estate agent”

6) Interference Fits– Perfect Pussy
This was a double bill with Joanna Gruesome. I met Meredith a little while ago, and really liked her. She was very nice and personable.

7) We’ll Both Apologise– Trust Fund
Something lovely from Bristol. More of that further down the playlist too.

8) Dust, Juice, Bones and Hair– Martha
Martha come from a town in Co. Durham called Pity Me. It really sounds like something out of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Onsind with some of the same members are also well worth a look.

9) Beach Party– Punching Swans
One of Medway’s finest. Check out the video filmed in Herne Bay. Kent is not short of crumbling seaside towns.

10) Dec. 15– Grubs
11) Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers– Joanna Gruesome
Two more Bristol bands. Owen is in both, and Roxy is in Trust Fund and Grubs as well as doing her own solo stuff as Two White Cranes.

12) Cream Soda- Playlounge
Another gig I went to in lieu of Jabberwocky. They weren’t playing the festival, I went to this with a friend who hadn’t managed to snap up any tickets in time for replacement gigs.

13) Careers in Combat– Parquet Courts
Or Parkay Quarts on the days when they feel like being giant quantities of margarine.

14) Anyone Can Have a Good Time– Owls
When mentally ranking the various Kinsella bands, Owls are personally no 2 after Cap’n Jazz. Tim Kinsella has a very odd stage presence.

15) I’m in Your House– Cowtown
16) Mr Blood– That Fucking Tank
Two from Leeds. Cowtown are possibly that ghost that has been bothering Mark E. Smith.

17) Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster– Thee Oh Sees
Another gig that was a replacement for the cancelled ATP. Also a headline show in the basement of a hotel. Enormous fun.