I moved to this flat in January but only recently sorted out the bedroom how I wanted it. Due to the placement of the window, built in wardrobe and door, there’s really only one layout that works. When I moved in, the previous resident was a heavy smoker who had left a semi-circle of nicotine stains above the bed, so I spent a couple of days painting the walls and cleaning the carpet and window frames to remove the smell. I just then never got round to putting any decorations up. The tapestry was a souvenir my mum bought in Morocco.

The shelves are modular ones from Muji. You buy each row individually and clamp them together.

Here’s some closeups of the pictures on the walls. Mostly a collection of museum postcards, my own photographs and prints friends have sent me.

The giant mess while I was sorting through the postcards and deciding which ones to put up.