When I was back home visiting my family in Kent, my friend Tukru came round and she fixed my issues with circular knitting, and we learnt some lace knitting patterns out a book my nan gave me. My mum laughed at us, and said we were very rock and roll. I won’t show my lace sampler I made, because it looks really weird, but here’s a stitch I learnt out of the book after my friend went home, it’s very simple, and looks very 70s when knitted in chunky wool.

Garter Slip Stitch

Cast on an odd no of stiches

Row 1: Knit all
Row 2: Knit all
Row 3: Knit one, slip one, (repeat), knit last stitch
Row 4: Knit one, yarn forward, slip one, yarn back, (repeat)

The example in the picture is knitted with 4 rows white, then 4 rows pink. It also looks good with 2 rows per colour with 3 colours.