Christmas was fairly quiet. We headed back to Medway for two days and didn’t really do much. Marcos discovered he should really never eat Jerusalem artichokes.


Here’s a blurry photo of my presents (my point and shoot is getting a bit old these days). I got some nice presents this year. Poirot boxset, tupperware with spaceboy design, Carcassonne boardgame, photography book, Hummingbird bakery book, Tatty Devine jewellery making book, liquorice roots (I really don’t know why, my mum got the idea that I liked them), chocolate Mr Men, and unexpectedly, a new phone. The phone is mostly used for playing Words With Friends (my username: emmajanefalconer). The Deerhunter CD was a mistake, it was meant to be on vinyl, but they sent the CD and now I have to send it back.