The 24th was Pancake Day here in the UK. You traditionally make pancakes to use up all your indulgent bits before Lent. I’m not at all religious, and I don’t give anything up for Lent, but I always make pancakes.

English pancakes are like crepes but a bit thicker. You need 1 egg, 1/2 a pint of milk (ie 250ml or 10 fl oz) and 100g of flour, however much water you want and a pinch of salt. You just whisk the ingredients together, leave it for half an hour or so, then pour a small amount into an oiled frying pan and fry one side. When it comes to turning them over, you loosen the edges and then throw it in the air and catch it again once it’s turned over, and continue to fry it.

Usually you serve the pancakes with lemon juice and sugar, but I had mine with melted cheese and mushrooms as a dinner (the pancakes aren’t sweet, so you can eat them with whatever)

Women’s Zinefest

(this is the table next to me)

At the end of January I had a stall at the Zine Fest at the women’s library at London Met Uni in East London. I was horribly late, as it seemed almost every form of transport I could possibly use was closed for engineering works that weekend, so I ended up having to walk from Monument to Brick Lane to get there. I had a ridiculously huge table to myself in this cosy little library, and I made quite a good bit of money and did some shameless promotion of the Brighton Zinefest.

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Panda Eyes

panda eyes.JPG

Hot Silk Pockets are my friend’s band, and they’re ace. I often get phases where there’s only one song I want to listen to. Their song Panda Eyes was the only song I could listen to last week. (This week it’s been replaced in my affections by Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective and Nothing Ever Happened by Deerhunter, but it’s still a great song).

You can buy the mp3 or 7″ single from Stolen Recordings

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Hazy Sea


I went for a walk along the beach whilst waiting to meet up with my cousin, who’s just moved to Brighton. There was a haze on the sea that day, and the pier looked like it was floating on nothing. I never get tired of photographing the seafront.

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A wander along the beach


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to trawl back through forgotten photos on my hard drive/negatives folder and post-process them. This was one of the first untouched folders I found. Back in September, I went for a walk along the beach along Hove Lawns, right up to Portslade. It was a beautiful day, and there was hardly anyone about, because it was the middle of the week, and the tourist season had pretty much finished.

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Knitting Ahoy

When I was back home visiting my family in Kent, my friend Tukru came round and she fixed my issues with circular knitting, and we learnt some lace knitting patterns out a book my nan gave me. My mum laughed at us, and said we were very rock and roll. I won’t show my lace sampler I made, because it looks really weird, but here’s a stitch I learnt out of the book after my friend went home, it’s very simple, and looks very 70s when knitted in chunky wool.

Garter Slip Stitch

Cast on an odd no of stiches

Row 1: Knit all
Row 2: Knit all
Row 3: Knit one, slip one, (repeat), knit last stitch
Row 4: Knit one, yarn forward, slip one, yarn back, (repeat)

The example in the picture is knitted with 4 rows white, then 4 rows pink. It also looks good with 2 rows per colour with 3 colours.