I’d wanted to do tshirts of this design for a while, but didn’t have the money to print up a load and deal with having deadstock around the house. (I’ve still got 10 t-shirts from a festival I ran in 2018 in a bag at home!)

So I’ve done it via Everpress- all the shirts are nice quality fair trade/sweatshop free ones, and some of the colour options are organic cotton. There’s a 3 week ordering period, and then the clothing company only print up the ordered shirts to save on waste. They handle all the screenprinting and postage.

There’s multiple colour options: cream, white, orange, green and khaki and also some long-sleeved ones. Sizes from S to 2XL

You can order shirts up to the 12th of June, and they’ll be sent out from the 26th of June. Tshirts £18, heavy cotton long sleeves £27.

Order here.