Banh Mi sandwich board

Over the weekend I painted a menu board for a Vietnamese baguette stall, which was something new for me. I got the work in a strange roundabout way. There was a Vietnamese cafe I used to go to often for lunch near my old job, with a friendly waitress who was also a freelance designer on the side. I got chatting to her, and we were talking about things like good websites to find design work in the UK. A guy who ran a banh mi food van came in and asked her one day if she would paint a sign for him, but she turned it down because her work is more digital based.

The next time I came in, she asked me if I was interested, and got a business card to pass on to the guy, which is how I came to be painting the sign. The first side made me tear my hair out. The Posca paint marker just would not stick to the top portion of the board, and first of all I thought that there was some kind of incompatibility between the plastic chalkboard surface and the paint, but it turned out something oily had got onto the surface, and once I cleaned it with some alcohol it was plain sailing. The stall owner was very pleased with his sign, even if I’m not a professional sign-writer.