So here’s my first entry of 2011. It’d better treat me well (or else, you hear that 2011?).

On Weds I turn 26. This is probably quite old. Here’s some stuff I’d like to do before I’m 30.

1) Start a PhD

2) Cross the equator More international adventuring needed

3) Visit all the countries in Europe (geographic Europe, not the EU). I might as well get the full set. I have left to visit: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo,, Albania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Liechenstein, San Marino, Malta and Slovakia. Mostly all in eastern or south-eastern Europe. I’ve technically been to Luxembourg, but only to a service station. I went to Yugoslavia in the communist days, but I’ve counted that as Croatia, cos that’s where we went.

4) Learn decent Russian. I know the letters and some basics, but I’d like to know more.

5) Get over stupid stage fright, fear of crowds, fear of heights.

Note lack of babies, marriage etc etc.