Wooden hands

I got a short notice illustration job this week for images for Christmas greetings from Buildopia, an Italian eco-building company. They specialise in wood and their slogan translates as “the building game”. So here’s some wooden hands presenting wooden baubles, on wrapping paper featuring a house they built.

The illustration is actually three different line drawings done with Posca marker. The house, the hand and the bauble. (I actually drew another hand with the back of the palm up too, but ended up not using it). I happened to actually already have a drawing of a hand holding a sphere in my sketchbook, which was very useful for reference- you can see it here in some sketches I did of a magician entertaining kids. I scan the ink drawings, clean them up in Photoshop, then import to Illustrator and autotrace and turn into livepaint to make sure they have a completely clean line and transparent background, before being returned to Photoshop for colouring and texture.

Each layer is set as a multiply layer on Photoshop, with a texture from some recycled paper I scanned, and extra multiply layers at around 70% opacity for any colours. I then created a repeat pattern of the houses using the offset tool, and laid it down in the background over a green-toned version of the recycled paper texture. Then the items are layered up, with each layer given a drop shadow. The hands are actually copied three times each to give the shadows more depth. So there’s actually about twelve different photoshop layers going on in this illustration.

Long Time No See

Christmas was fairly quiet. We headed back to Medway for two days and didn’t really do much. Marcos discovered he should really never eat Jerusalem artichokes.


Here’s a blurry photo of my presents (my point and shoot is getting a bit old these days). I got some nice presents this year. Poirot boxset, tupperware with spaceboy design, Carcassonne boardgame, photography book, Hummingbird bakery book, Tatty Devine jewellery making book, liquorice roots (I really don’t know why, my mum got the idea that I liked them), chocolate Mr Men, and unexpectedly, a new phone. The phone is mostly used for playing Words With Friends (my username: emmajanefalconer). The Deerhunter CD was a mistake, it was meant to be on vinyl, but they sent the CD and now I have to send it back.



Xmas haul- Stephen Fry book, Daria boxset, book of vintage fabric designs, macaron book (more baking should be like a lab experiment), fancy headphones, writing paper, sticky letters hello kitty sunglasses and gouache (thanks Tukru), eaty stuff, some toiletries, giant reflector (need to iron the silver and gold covers).

Also got a delightful illness and spent most of yesterday asleep and today lying about going ugh.