Here I am

I have barely updated this blog since the summer because I’ve been both very busy and rarely home. I spent most of September in Australia (a last minute trip off the back of bargain basement flights), with stop-offs in Singapore and the Emirates, visited friends in Nottingham almost as soon as I’d come back and recovered from jetlag, stepped up gig promoting in Margate and am in the midst of arranging to move house (while also trying to make sure I meet all my deadlines in the day job). I took a lot of photos in Australia, and also some field recordings of city and wildlife sounds that I plan to use in animation, but I haven’t had time or energy to organise or post-process them. Right now I’m working on a new website for the gigs I put on locally, and that takes priority.

My work computer also died, luckily when I actually had the money to replace it. It feels luxurious to go back to a desktop Mac after five years of having so many cables going into a Macbook. On moving my files across I also discovered a load of folders of forgotten photos which are still worth editing. I also replaced my ailing scanner, so can once again scan film. I have a whole folder full of unscanned negs, and a fair few undeveloped films in my fridge, so expect a lot of photos in the next few months.

My workspace may look clean, because I can’t concentrate with a messy or dirty desk, but I feel overwhelmed by chaos in the rest of my tiny flat right now. I’m currently waiting to move, and have my workspace shoved in a corner of the living room next to a Riso machine and the laundry drying rack, and a load of music stuff filling the bedroom, and it feels like I’m swamped by stuff. The new place is much, much bigger and I don’t have to have the studio/office stuff crammed into the bedroom or living room, which will certainly be a luxury. I have a lot of projects that have been on the backburner until I have more space to work on them.

Ma Chambre

So here’s my room. I moved to this small unfurnished flat in October, and until the New Year I didn’t have a bed or enough shelves, so everything was in boxes all over the place, and it didn’t look great. The other room has both the living room stuff and my desk, which isn’t ideal. Photos of that will have to wait because it’s currently covered in a load of paperwork and art stuff.

Pictures stuck to the wall- an assortment of postcards, photos I’ve taken, and prints friends have given me. I found the 70s bedsheets when I was clearing out my nan’s house (I now have about 7 different duvet covers because of this). The cushions were a gift from Morocco.

The chest of drawers also came from my grandparent’s house. The glowing thing on the left is one of those essential oil vaporisers. I mostly use a mix of lemongrass, cedar and bergamot oils in it (I have one in the other room too)

This flat has no storage outside of the kitchen cupboards. I would love to have an actual wardrobe and get rid of the clothes rail. See the edge of the fake Marimekko curtain. I realised when I moved that I actually previously had it hung up upside down, and the hem is weighted with a chain.

Lots and lots of books and cameras. The shelves are modular ones from Muji made of recycled paper. Each row is a separate unit. Every time I move house I think “my life would be so much simpler if I wasn’t interested in books, music or art- I’d have no stuff” (The records and art stuff are in the other room). I guess you can weigh up that trade-off yourself.