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Goodbye N17, Hello SE13

I've been really busy the last month. I moved from one end of London to the other, finished one job and did another short-term one, all in the space of a few weeks. When I've been at a computer in my spare time I've mostly been doing admin for DIY Space for London.... Read More...
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Gigs of 2014

I was really broke for most of 2014. I didn't get to go to many bigger gigs, but I did go to a lot of smaller ones. I made this playlist of songs each by a band I saw last year. It’s not an exhaustive list, I just picked songs I liked by bands I had a good time seeing, which were also available on Spotify and worked together on a playlist. If you are outside the UK I don’t know if all of them will play, due to a lot of them being bands of people I know putting their records out on small labels or themselves. Hopefully they will.... Read More...