Enter the Vortex

So here’s the posters I designed for two gigs I’m helping to put on- one in London, the other in Margate. As per the press release “Girl Sweat is the ever-changing garage-noise project fronted by the 6ft 5” beast that is ‘Sweat’” along with the fine collection of psych and drone weirdos assembled in support. My brief for the poster was “illuminati/masons cult shit”. I hope I delivered.

FB event– Tickets £5 (early bird)/ £7 (advance)/ £9 (door)

FB event– Tickets £5.50 (advance) / £7 (door)


Save Waterloo Library

Save Waterloo Library poster

I made these posters to help a friend campaign to stop Waterloo Library being closed down and sold off (there is definitely no resemblance intended to a certain range of paperback books . . ). Lambeth council is making devastating cuts to their libraries after having their budget cut. This government have been slowly and deliberately destroying every public service they can, if it doesn’t make their rich business friends richer, they don’t care. Libraries are incredibly important, and the poorer the area the more vital they are. Even with my family, who did have books at home, there is no way I would have the education I have now if I hadn’t have been constantly reading books from the public library growing up.

Colour and black and white versions of the poster and flyers are available to download here and print out if you live in London and want to help with the campaign. There is also a petition here, and a council feedback form to fill in here

Facebook group for saving all Lambeth Libraries here
Facebook group for saving Waterloo Library here

DIY Space for London needs a home


DIY Space for London has now raised £13,000 but doesn’t have a building. I made these posters to help recruit people to find something suitable.

For more information, and the criteria needed for the space, go here.

If you want to help out by printing some posters and putting them somewhere useful in London, then the files are below. The poster is available in red, orange, green and black, and the page size is A3 (but of course can be scaled down to A4 and is still readable and clear). Just right click and save them once you’ve opened them.

Red version
Green version
Orange version
Black version

Pinup Payback- Anti sexual harassment campaign

Pinup Payback Poster


(if you click on the poster, there’s a larger version on flickr)

I recently made this poster for Pinup Payback, a feminist/anti-sexism organisation in Medway run by a friend. I was given the theme of  “girls just want to have fun” without creeps, so here are some gooey, sticky creeps. My hometown has a really disproportionate rate of sexual assault for the population, and a lot of people whose attitudes are stuck far, far in the past. Growing up there, and also going back to visit, I have had men say the most appalling and disgusting things to me and my friends, far more than any other place I know. This poster (along with training for staff) will be going up in the pubs and bars in town that sign up to the campaign to show customers that if someone if harassing you, the venue promises to take it seriously, a campaign also being run in London by Hollaback.

To find out more about the campaigns, phone app and to donate, visit the website.

(and yes, girls in this instance does include anyone who feels they fall into that category)

Space is Ace

Tomorrow at Power Lunches in Dalston, my friend Melanie is putting on an event with her compadres from the Art & Science MA at St Martins. There’s going to be bands, sound art, projections, edible sugar glass planets, and a very large amount of tinfoil. I did the artwork for the flyer. If you like it, and are coming to the event, you will be able to buy A3 posters of it (a few people asked already). I don’t know the exact prices yet, because I haven’t got them printed yet, but the b&w edition will be roughly £1.50 and the colour version more.

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