Here’s some photos from my trip to Croatia this summer. It was a real last minute thing, I suddenly had a week free in a packed summer of teaching engagements and still didn’t actually live anywhere yet, so I bought a cheap flight to Croatia and did some sightseeing (before returning to Slovenia ten days later for work). Here’s some pictures of Split. I wrote more about the trip in a zine- available here, so I’ll leave the longer writing in there and just show the photos.

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My only love is the sea

Here’s an illustration of a fishing village in Cornwall. The original artwork was a pen and ink drawing, and the colour was added digitally. It’s available as a print in three different sizes, from £6 to £30.

If you want to colour it in yourself, then the same artwork is also available in colouring book form.

Sea Serpent Bookplates

Sea serpent bookplate artwork

I’ve made these printable bookplates, in both A4 and US Letter sizes. Four per page. They are for personal use only- you may not sell copies you have printed, host these files on another site, or use the artwork for any other commercial purpose.

The downloads are free, but if you like and use them, a pay-what-you-want tip is very much appreciated.

Bookplate inside book

Download links:

A4 monochrome
A4 colour
US letter monochrome
US letter colour

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(Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture on the beach)

I won a competition last year for free plane tickets to Japan, and went with my friend Vicky for just under three weeks in March, using a rail pass to explore the main island of Honshu and staying in hostels (and a spell in a hotel in Kyoto that came with the flights). Apart from the free flights we were totally broke, so a lot of the focus of the trip was on free or low cost attractions like scenery and museums and making maximum use of the rail pass rather than restaurants, bars or shopping. You can see more photos from other places in the Japan category of this blog, and also read about the trip in the zine I wrote.

Naoshima is tiny idyllic island in the Seto Inland sea devoted to modern art. The opening of the Benesse modern art museum (owned by the same organisation as Berlitz language schools) revived the island’s fortunes, although it’s still a small and quiet place with only a few villages and a lot of old people.

We visited the museum, but no pictures were allowed inside, so these are all of the rest of the island. I’ve made a post of some of the artists in the collection here.

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I was a landscape in your dream


I’ve got lots of photos of Denmark and Sweden to post later, and also some photos of a DIY Space for London fundraiser, but first here is a drawing I did in my lunch break at work a little while ago. I finally got round to colouring it in recently, using colours sampled from cheap Tarot cards. I found two different colour variations, and produced two versions. I’m still not really happy with it though, it’s more of a throw-away doodle.  I couldn’t decide which colour variation I liked more, and friends on Facebook were also split, so I’ve put the version which just won the vote first, and the second version after the cut. See which one you like more.

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Kerguelen Islands Prints

Kerguelen v2

I’ve done some prints of this picture I drew of the Kerguëlen Islands off the coast of Antarctica. Nothing there but penguins, cabbages and the odd french scientist. What could be more delightful? They are available in two sizes- A4 for £7 + postage and A3 for £20 + postage (the small ones will be sent flat, the large rolled into a tube), and are printed on 250 gsm semi-gloss paper with a white border. Available now from the shop.

Kerguelen Islands

Kerguelen v2

Recently I was looking up something on a map, and my eyes were drawn to the Kerguelen Islands at the bottom. They seemed quite substantial, yet I’d never heard of them. It turns out they belong to France, are uninhabited except for a few scientists, and are full of penguins and cabbages. Sailors used to stop off there to have a grim cabbage feast to fend off scurvy. Here is a lonely penguin in the cabbage fields. I will never have another reason to draw that. The picture is available as a print and various other items on Society 6.

Endless card

endless card 1

This was something I made as development work on my MA, and never finished. It’s an endless card. Basically you cut four rectangles of card, and fold and glue them in such a way that you create a card that opens to reveal another opening, which then opens to another, and so on. You get four different pictures that open up. There’s a tutorial to make one here. I went to a workshop where they showed you how to make them, and the woman running it had made a very nice card of the story of Dorian Grey.

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Long time no see

Embroidery in progress

I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks, because I’ve been working all hours to finish my MA project and dissertation (I handed in my dissertation last week). This is the kind of thing I’ve been doing. Yesterday I stuck on the Beatles Anthology, the longest documentary I could think of, and sat and just sewed and sewed until about 70% was done. I was in Spain for two weeks before that. I’ve got lots of photos, but I haven’t had time to develop the film ones and organise and post-process them. It will have to wait until later.  The first week was fine, but the second was far more stressful than a holiday should be. There was a 40C heatwave, and the air conditioning broke down, and there were ants, and we both had insomnia and short tempers and it was too difficult to concentrate on the work we’d both been forced to bring with us. Stress. In two and a half weeks I should hopefully be all finished with my MA, and free to find a full-time job, and actually earn steady money again (I hope). I’m really broke right now, and I’m tired of being broke for so long.