Ugh. Disgusting.

big slug

Here’s a rough mock up of something I’ve been working on. It’s not quite how I want it yet. When I was younger I had a book called Nature All Around (I scanned it in this post) and it had a picture of a big orange slug that used to disgust and fascinate me. A few years ago I lived across the road from a fish and chip shop with a poster in the window advertising the “new masala cod”. The photo was a lurid orange, and looked a lot like a less frilly version of what I’ve drawn. If you bought a masala cod late at night and forgot to eat it, I always imagined it would creep along the carpet in the night and smother you like a terrible 70s horror film.

Nature All Around

These are some pictures I scanned from a 1970s kids book at my dad’s house called Nature All Around. My uncle used to work for a non-fiction publisher and we always seemed to have strange free books from his work around the place. It has drawings and photographs of things children can spot around the average british garden/field/beach and information about the lives of the various creatures.


Here’s our author. Personally I like neither stinging nettles nor cauliflowers.

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