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I have been busy recently, and the ever-present back­log of photos and so on I mean to post gets ever longer. Here’s some photos I took of Brighton Pier at some point. I have no idea when I took them, prob­ably when I lived in Brighton, but I scanned them the other week.


They’re taken on my Mosk­va 5, the most awkward camera I’ve ever had the (dis) pleas­ure of using. It’s an all metal Russi­an medi­um format beast that I got in a junk shop in Tallinn. You have to use a tripod and shut­ter release with it, all that’s miss­ing is the fabric hood and flash-pan of magnesi­um powder for the full effect. There’s a clock­work mech­an­ism that is supposed to prevent double expos­ures, but which just succeeds in lock­ing the film advance for no reas­on most of the time. It has no meter, and I don’t have a work­ing hand­held meter any more, so I just eyeball the expos­ure with the sunny 16 rule. The result­ing negat­ives are huge (6×9 format, there is supposed to be a 6×6 mask too, but I don’t have it), you get about 6 pictures per roll of 120 film.



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  1. I love these pictures.

    I've seen an English coast in East­bourne. It's so very differ­ent from the Gulf Coast (along the panhandle of Flor­ida, Alabama, Missis­sippi, etc.) that I've spent all my life along.

    In my imagination…these brown beaches and board­walks are some of the most English images.

    If I close my eyes and think about England…after I get through the images of “busi­ness girls” and dope push­ers at King's Cross Station…the shore comes to mind next.

  2. Yeah, those are the most common types of beach over here. We have sand ones too, but they're still not like the Carib­bean ones. That's why there's so many Brit­ish tour­ists in places like Flor­ida and Barba­dos.

    In between Brighton and East­bourne there's a really impress­ive place called Beachy Head. It has really high white cliffs and a light­house, and then the beach below is dark stones. It's really beau­ti­ful, but also a famous suicide spot. Here's some pics I took a few years ago.

    Kings X/​Somers Town is massively improved these days! Kings X and St Pancras had big facelifts/​rebuilds and are very fancy stations now (St Pancras is the termin­al for the Paris and Brus­sels trains now), and the Brit­ish Library is also there these days in a big new build­ing with exhib­i­tion galler­ies and big cafe. There's also the Wellcome Collec­tion too, a free museum of medi­cine and science-related art which is very popu­lar.

    I was often in the area from 99/​2000 or so to see bands at the Scala and the Water Rats. It was pretty grim round there (albeit in a way I'm famil­i­ar with from where I grew up), and then suddenly a few years ago it really cleaned up its act. Suddenly all the hourly “hotels” and dodgy char­ac­ters on the street corners are gone. I don't know where they've gone to though. Must be some­where in London.

  3. I was in and out of there from 94 to 97. I stayed at the No. 1 (right across from the station)…it was cheap. I payed for entire nights at a time though :).

    It was run by a really sweet Maltese lady. Sadly she had passed away the last time I was by.

    Even back then there was talk of revital­iz­ing the are but, to that point, the only thing that had been built was a burger king and a Kentucky Fried Chick­en.

    Glad to hear that it's been scrubbed up so well. That all sounds kinda swanky. Of course, I still do have a lot of fond­ness for the grimy place I remem­ber.

    Beachy Head is gorgeous.

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