Colouring Book

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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been drawing artwork for a colouring book zine, and here it is. It’s an A5 colouring book with 15 different images to colour and comes with a free packet of crayons. Postage is free within the UK, and calculated by weight for the rest of the world.

You can buy it, along with zines, prints and ribbon, here.colouring book previewHere is a free sample page as a pdf to print out:
a4 paper
US letter paper

Colour me in

colouring book grid

Lately I’ve been drawing much more, and writing a lot less. I’ve been preparing artwork for a colouring book, which I need to get finished by the 12th of November, to have ready in print for the Rose Tinted Zine Spectacular in Brighton on the 19th of November. So there’s been a lot of 8 hour drawing sessions and high levels of caffeine consumption.

colouring book stuff

All of the images are based on real places.

tired me drawing

Tired after hours of drawing while visiting my dad.