I’m Curi­ous To Know Exactly How You Are

I had to put a Hüsker Dü song in this list, as they are one of my all-time favour­ite bands, but it was hard to decide which one. In the end I went for a really obvi­ous choice- the first song of theirs I got into.

That Cat’s Some­thing I Can’t Explain

I would describe this as essen­tially a Bond theme about a Siamese cat. I’m a big fan of Syd Barrett, but have a deep pool of loath­ing for Roger Waters. I would call it an irra­tion­al hatred, but I feel like I could come up with plenty of reas­ons for my loath­ing. My moth­er is a big Pink Floyd fan, so I’ve had plenty of expos­ure over my life­time to fuel it.

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Ponder this to get near­er to noth­ing

When I wrote the 50 Things About Me entry a little while ago, I star­ted creat­ing a playl­ist of 50 favour­ite songs. It got unwieldy and didn’t flow well though, so I gave up. Instead I’ll write a little bit every so often about songs from the list.

The Van Pelt are not famous or well-known outside a small niche. The sing­er­/song-writer  Chris Leo’s broth­er Ted Leo is much more well-known, and bass play­er Toko Yasuda has had success over the years play­ing with Enon, Blonde Redhead and St Vincent, but they never hit the big time. Instead they released two quietly treas­ured albums in the mid-90s (Sultans of Senti­ment and Steal­ing From Our Favour­ite Thieves) and then disban­ded- they’ve released a collec­tion of sessions that were inten­ded for a third album (Imagin­ary Third) and done the odd reunion tour (I was lucky enough to catch one in London-it was a very special even­ing) but I’m guess­ing only a small selec­tion of my read­ers will know them.