Saturday crafter­noon of a Janu­ary

Tukru came round and brought me some birth­day presents (shrinky-dinks, sweets, and patches) and we had a crafter­noon. She typed up zine bits on my type­writer, which has much smal­ler type than hers, but tends to get a jammed up ribbon, and I stuck some pictures from my moun­tain of magazine cutouts into scrap­books, and we listened to Nirvana and Neut­ral Milk Hotel and the Beatles and David Bowie and Simon and Garfunkel. We ate some tofu stir­fry, and the aldi version of Ben & Jerry’s which is exactly like normal icecream, and laughed at BRIAN BLESSED’s attempt at a Greek accent in My Family and Other Anim­als (sedate fun)

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