The Double

I went to see the Double a little while ago. My friend Ellina has thing about Jesse Eisen­berg and she wanted to see it. I haven’t been going to the cinema often enough recently. I like Dostoyevsky, enjoyed Submar­ine, and liked Jesse Eisen­berg as an unbear­able teen­age boy in the Squid and the Whale so it was a good choice. The film owes a lot to Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, but it’s defin­itely worth a watch.

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Not as sad as Dostoyevsky, not as clev­er as Mark Twain

10. Alias Grace- Margaret Atwood
11. Notes from Under­ground- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
12. Seeing Things- Oliv­er Post­g­ate
13. Letters from a Lost Uncle- Mervyn Peake
14. Queuing for Begin­ners- Joe Moran

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