2022 calen­dar

My 2022 calen­dar is now ready – you can order calen­dars and prints of the artwork here.

Vinyl stick­ers redux

I got some vinyl stick­ers of my artwork prin­ted up (after some long twists and turns with print­ing compan­ies and the current goods/​delivery short­ages in the UK). £1.75 each (inc uk post­age), or bundles avail­able.

2020 Calen­dar

I’ve made an A5 calen­dar of my illus­tra­tions – the calen­dar itself is £7, and the artwork is also avail­able as prints of vari­ous sizes. UK post­age is free, and inter­na­tion­al post­age is auto­mat­ic­ally calcu­lated by weight.

New print- Sheep Skull

So here’s a new illus­tra­tion I did. It’s actu­ally based on a draw­ing I did when I was 17 that I found while sort­ing out some paper­work recently. You can buy mono­chrome and colour prints for £3-£30 over on the shop.

Field Day 2013

I also went to Field Day this year. It was the first Saturday I had off work in about 3 months, so it was good to make the most of it (I also had to go to work the next day- some­how I looked and felt fine, I must be a wonder of biology). I managed to see most of the bands I wanted to, bar Toy and Mount Kimbie. I was there with my house­mate, but we managed to keep miss­ing each other. When I left I suddenly had a flood of texts onto my phone saying things like “I’m at the bar by X, we’re going to watch Y in a min, where are you?” which might explain it. Stupid tech­no­logy. He saw Mount Kimbie and found it disap­point­ing anyway. I managed to find my Medway friends anyway, and spent some time with people from Read­ing too, which was nice.

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I’ve had the bug that’s been going around over Christ­mas, albeit not badly, but I haven’t really done as much work/​creative stuff as I’d like. Here’s some sketches I did this after­noon. I didn’t really plan what I was draw­ing, I just star­ted making some lines and went from there. Mostly I just wanted to try out the white mark­er.

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