Halloween print

I don’t normally do seasonal stuff, but on a whim today I decided to do a halloween themed thing, make the A4 prints cheaper than usual at £8.50 (uk postage included) and only do 25 of them.

Lunatraktors at Halloween

I took some photos of my “broken folk” musician friends the Lunatraktors doing a Halloween performance. The setting was an art installation of a crypt of obsolete technology in a tunnel on the seafront by  Sadie Hennessy. The metalwork headpieces were created by local jeweller and metalworker Billie M Vigne. 

Knock Three Times

Knock Three Times is not a well-known book, which is a pity.

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Cambridge’s Most Haunted

I didn’t have a very thrilling pre-Halloween weekend. I was struck down by the bug that’s been going around locally, and stayed in and watched Stranger Things instead. I was tempted to get a pumpkin to carve, but building work next door has displaced mice that have tried to come into my flat. At the moment they are deterred by cotton wool and strong-smelling orange and lemongrass essential oils, but I’d rather not tempt them in with a large ready cut pumpkin to eat.

In the summer I went on a ghost walk in Cambridge via work. The guide told stories of mysterious cloaked figures on roofs, and Black Shuck the giant black ghost dog, and also pointed out this spot, at the back of Peterhouse College, where it joins onto a graveyard, as the most haunted place in town.

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Halloween night

So I didn’t do anything Halloweeny on the Saturday night, so I felt like I should do something of some sort on the Sunday night. A few friends came round, we drank a fair bit and listened to records. There’s a Ghost in My House- the Fall, about half of Spiderland, and Trail of Dead.

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