Diana Wynne Jones Inter­view

A couple of years ago I inter­viewed the children’s writer Diana Wynne Jones, my favour­ite writer grow­ing up. I was compil­ing a zine of articles about her work. Unfor­tu­nately I didn’t finish the zine before she died of cancer, because I’m a terrible procras­tin­at­or, and she never got to see it. When I get a chance, I have anoth­er entry to add about attend­ing her funer­al.

Answer­ing for myself

David Hogan, a media student in Ireland, inter­viewed me about zines for his disser­ta­tion. I’ve answered quite a lot of people’s ques­tions for media disser­ta­tions over the years, but I’ve never really kept track of it very well. I was in some Dutch docu­ment­ary about zines too, but again I didn’t both­er to find out exactly what it was, so I have never seen it (although I really hate seeing or hear­ing any record­ings of myself). Here’s my attempt to keep better track of this stuff.

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