Whit­stable print

Here’s an illus­tra­tion I recently did of Whit­stable seafront. A3, A4 and A5 giclée prints are avail­able here.

Kerguelen Islands Prints

I’ve done some prints of this picture I drew of the Kerguëlen Islands off the coast of Antarc­tica. Noth­ing there but penguins, cabbages and the odd french scient­ist. What could be more delight­ful? They are avail­able in two sizes- A4 for £7 + post­age and A3 for £20 + post­age (the small ones will be sent flat, the large rolled into a tube), and are prin­ted on 250 gsm semi-gloss paper with a white border. Avail­able now from the shop.

Life Draw­ing

Last night I went with some friends to a life draw­ing class in the base­ment of a pub in Stoke Newing­ton. I went to life draw­ing most weeks when I was in 6th form, but have been very sporad­ic­ally every since. I think the last time I went was 9 months ago. Usually they’re in some sort of neon-lit muni­cip­al hall. This one was in a purple room, with music play­ing and with the most flat­ter­ing light­ing I’ve ever seen at a life draw­ing class. It was nice, I’m going to go back. Usually return­ing to life draw­ing after a long break makes me want to cry in frus­tra­tion, because my pen just won’t do what I need it to do, but it wasn’t so bad this time. I didn’t produce anything of any value, but it was a good start, and I’ve lost the knack of fore­short­en­ing and hands. Here are my sketches. I had to resort to taping them to the door and photo­graph­ing them, because the paper was too big for the scan­ner. I always write comments all over my sketches. Is that the draw­ing equi­val­ent of talk­ing to your­self?