Museum of Child­hood (again)

Last week I went to the Museum of Child­hood with Melanie and Becca. I’ve been to the place so many times (it’s one of my favour­ite places in London), and I have a lot of photos on this blog of the vari­ous differ­ent exhib­its (look at the Museum  tag), so here’s a few things I noticed for the first time. First up this amaz­ing ride-on lady­bird toy.

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Museum of Child­hood

On Saturday morn­ing I did a zine work­shop for the Brighton Popu­lar Educa­tion Collect­ive who run a day of free classes and lectures on things like bike mech­an­ics, sewing and local history one day a month. It was the same work­shop I’ve done loads of times, and it always seems to go down well. This time I had both a lady in her 50s and a very enthu­si­ast­ic boy of about 7 there.

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