Char­ity shop finds

I haven’t found as many good char­ity shop items lately as over the summer, but there’s been the odd few things. I got this vase for £2, which I’ve planted an aloe vera in, for my own plant version of Sideshow Bob.

Recent char­ity shop finds

The good thing about spend­ing the summer in a small town full of old people is that there are a lot of char­ity shops and jumble sales, they often have good stock, don’t over­price and there aren’t a lot of other people look­ing for the same things as me (which is more likely to happen in a big city).

Brit­ish Museum

Last week I paid a trip to the Brit­ish Museum. I had a review of work day at uni for my research project (I’m doing a research/​practice based MA in Sequen­tial Design) and I felt like I should do some­thing substan­tial­ish on the visu­al research side.

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