It’s a fool who doesn’t see what I see watch­ing trees

Here’s a playl­ist. There’s a certain early 80s synth pop mood, even if all the songs aren’t actu­ally from that era. There’s some Russi­an stuff, there’s the Deftones cover­ing Duran Duran (yes, really). Have a good aesthet­ic­ally composed sulk on me.

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Frimaire, Nivose & Pluvi­ose

I haven’t updated here in a while. I worked long hours through­out Janu­ary and also moved house. I’ve also now offi­cially deferred my course until next year. I missed too much of the school year when I was ill. I’ll have a little while off, and then look for some work to tide me over. In between all that I turned 31. Ancient, really. I’ll have a bit more time on my hands over the next couple of weeks, so I’d better make use of it. Here’s some links of inter­est­ing bits and bobs to tide you over.