If you keep walking out of Split you end up on the Marjan peninsula. The first time I visited I made the mistake of climbing up to the peak in 35c heat. After that I sensibly took the coast road. I’ve written about it in my Croatia/Slovenia zine as well.

It’s dotted with little chapels and memorials.

Here’s the view of Split from the top.

Lots of pine and cedar trees.

If you walk up the top way, you have to climb through these steep, narrow streets first, which remind me of Naples.

Forest roads.

The rocky coast.



Enfolding sunny spots of greenery

I haven’t posted here for a while because life has overtaken me a little, and I’ve been dashing from place to place. I’m in Palma de Mallorca right now visiting Marcos’ family, with a permanent move to London on the cards for the end of the month (it can’t come too soon). I’ve got a backlog of photos to work through.


In July I worked at a summer camp at this place. It’s an old manor house that’s been converted into a boarding school and wedding venue. When the school is on holiday they rent it out for activity and language camps, which is why I was there. It was only a few miles from where my mum lives, but was a total pain to get to via public transport. It was fine to get home, and involved a leisurely walk through green lanes, apple orchards and fields to a tiny rural train station, but somehow the connections just didn’t work out to get there, so I had to arrange lifts for the morning.

These are some photos I took one day on my walk to the train home. It’s just kind of generic pretty English countryside, but I guess it could be exotic if you come from elsewhere.

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Someone Tell Me Why I Do the Things That I Don’t Want To Do


One of the many rolls of film I have sitting around waiting to be scanned. This is from the days when I used to live in Reading. I want it to be sunny now! I long for long walks and picnics and lying on the grass in the sunshine, I’m fed up of the scrag end of winter. Diana + camera & Kodak Ektachrome 100 cross-processed.

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