Enfolding sunny spots of greenery


I haven’t posted here for a while because life has overtaken me a little, and I’ve been dashing from place to place. I’m in Palma de Mallorca right now visiting Marcos’ family, with a permanent move to London on the cards for the end of the month (it can’t come too soon). I’ve got a backlog of photos to work through.


In July I worked at a summer camp at this place. It’s an old manor house that’s been converted into a boarding school and wedding venue. When the school is on holiday they rent it out for activity and language camps, which is why I was there. It was only a few miles from where my mum lives, but was a total pain to get to via public transport. It was fine to get home, and involved a leisurely walk through green lanes, apple orchards and fields to a tiny rural train station, but somehow the connections just didn’t work out to get there, so I had to arrange lifts for the morning.

These are some photos I took one day on my walk to the train home. It’s just kind of generic pretty English countryside, but I guess it could be exotic if you come from elsewhere.


Idyllic green lane.


Cow parsley.




I don’t know exactly what the seed things caught in the thistle are called, but when I was a kid I believed that if you caught one in your hands when the wind was blowing it, you could make a wish.


I wish for cake.


Obligatory dandelion photo.


Thistles and flies.



Ok, I also wish for world peace. Deal?

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