tukru djing

Typical Grrls v1

So last Thursday me & Tukru had our first clubnight. All-female playlist, free zine, free cake. It wasn’t very busy, as expected for a first night that we hadn’t had a great deal of time to prepare for. Some art students came, they seemed to enjoy themselves and certainly spent a lot at the bar, which covered our costs. About 11 it got really quiet, and the owner was tired so she decided to close early for the first one. We went home, I was feeling a bit disappointed. It turned out the next day that a whole load of people we knew came along about half 11, but of course the place was closed. Ah well. Next time. We’ve got a month to promote it as well.


Tukru djing


Carl helping out.

My camera battery ran out about this point, so no more photos. Tukru started writing down all the songs that were played, but then we couldn’t be bothered after that. There was something wrong with the record deck too, it kept jamming up halfway through 7″s, but played albums fine, so we had to rethink what we were playing on the fly. She’s going to write about it in her zine anyway.

Next one is the 3rd of March

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