An Appar­i­tion or Whatever You Call It

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I haven’t done a playl­ist on here in a long time, so here’s one. All of a certain mood and a certain era.

  1. Medi­cine Bottle – Red House Paint­ers
  2. Get Up – Sleat­er Kinney
  3. Light, Raking – Polvo
  4. Cut From the Cloth – The Evens
  5. The Moon – The Micro­phones
  6. Kantina – Unwound
  7. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts – X
  8. Where’s My Dini – Ovlov
  9. Goin’ Against Your Mind – Built To Spill
  10. Spoiled – Sebadoh
  11. Prom Song – Pile
  12. Strange – Galax­ie 500
  13. In A Jar – Dino­saur Jr
  14. Beau­ti­ful Blue Sky – Ought
  15. Trem Two – Mission of Burma
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