And that’s exactly why I’d rather live in dreams


On Saturday I went with Tukru to Moogie Wonderland.

Tukru primping

I helped her do a messy beehive. I’m not the greatest at hair-styling, but it’s easier to do that kind of thing on other people than yourself.

moogie 4

It was a valentine’s themed thing, but not obnoxiously. I don’t really celebrate valentine’s day, I hate being required by tradition to do or feel a certain thing on a certain day. If I want to be romantic, I’ll do it whenever I feel like, in my own way, minus boxes of chocolate or over-priced single roses. Same with NYE. If I want to have a big night, I’ll have it when I’m genuinely feeling like it, not on the set day.

They have themed art stuff every month at the clubnight. Here’s the alarming hand-intestine-huggy thing.

moogie 3

I thought the pink screen-printed effect was quite valentiney/belle and sebastianish.

moogie 2

moogie 1


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