Bath Mono­chromes

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Here’s some b&w pictures I took in Bath a few winters ago. I finally got the film developed after find­ing it in a draw­er. Pentax ME Super + 28mm lens + Ilford HP5. I’ve been to Bath a lot, both as a Clas­sics student to look at stuff in the Baths, as a tour guide, and visit­ing my ex’s family, who were from a village not too far away. It’s stopped look­ing exot­ic to me.




I was obvi­ously really taken with this square with the tree in it. There’s a really good veget­ari­an cafe/​restaurant nearby.


The River Avon. Silly name for a river, really, seeing as avon/​afon means river.





In the base­ment of that build­ing across the weir is a nice little café that does ginger beer and excel­lent carrot cake.


I didn’t go inside that time, because I’m a godless heathen, and also, I’ve been inside so many times.


Behold the flying buttresses that aren’t. Now do your work­sheet about stained glass windows.


I have drunk the water quite a few times. It tasted horrible, and I’ve failed to grow up big and strong. I’ve never caught scurvy or scabies or anything though, so maybe it does work.


At the height of the tour­ist season there would be people strut­ting around dressed as centur­i­ons or regency people offer­ing tours. Not in Janu­ary.

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