Behemoth Lives!

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Margate is currently host­ing a vari­ety of art events related to T.S.Eliot (who wrote the Waste­land here almost a century ago), includ­ing a week­end dedic­ated to cats over East­er. I created this print based on Bulgakov’s the Master and Margar­ita, and a giant painted banner version of it to hang up at the show. It was a bit last minute, but I got it all done on time. The show is on at the Viking Gallery off North­down Rd over the long East­er week­end and until the 7th of April.

I hadn’t real­ised until I was getting the Russi­an quotes for the text that the book is actu­ally set this week, with the demons’ ball happen­ing on Good Friday. Good synchron­icity. The Cyril­lic text says “The Master and Margar­ita” and “Behemoth lives!”

Prints are avail­able from the gallery, or to order online here.


The banner is about 5ft/1.5m tall. It looks small in this photo, but it’s huge in real life. After we’d hung it, me and the curat­or decided to create a shrine to Behemoth’s demon­ic powers. The Russi­an quotes from the book on the wall say “manu­scripts don’t burn” and “pois­on, give me pois­on”.

What to offer to a demon­ic Russi­an cat? Dead flowers, cat food and an empty bottle of vodka.


I also created some fake cult recruit­ment leaf­lets, in lieu of busi­ness cards.



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