Scrabble Sorting

I’ve been a hermit since Christmas. Not going anywhere, and not seeing anyone much. You can’t stay at home forever, so I ventured out on Saturday, and took Tukru with me. (I drag her out of the house, she tells me when I’m being an idiot (frequently), it works out nicely). Tukru wore a purple wig.

We went to Moogie Wonderland. Art exhibitions, cake, yeye, c86, tropicalia, etc etc. Home at 5am, remembered I had social skills, probably made a grade-a arse of myself (nevermind).

Tukru & Shannon

Tukru & Shannon.

Tukru & Shannon

Pete & Jake

Pete & Jake

Tukru & Me

Tukru & me. I think I was trying to do a toast. Can t-shirt is my new favourite. T’s dress used to be mine (I bought it for a wedding or something?), but never fit me right.


Bee in T’s wig (poet and I didn’t know it). She liked this photo a lot.


Human Scrabble (demonstrated by Pete- where is his glittery ballgown for the job?)

Pete's Butt

Correct use for human scrabble.

Clare Dunk

This girl’s name is Clare Dunk.


Elspeth. (and Pye trying to be rude in the background, not quite there with the timing)

Moogie Ladies

Moogie Ladies.

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