Effect­ing my disguise

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Last Saturday me & Tukru decided to go to a party on a boat at the last minute. I saw that a friend of mine, Rob Bidder, who I hadn’t seen in person for a looong time, was doing some music at the event, and it would be good to see him, and the party looked like fun anyway. Being on a boat, and near Hallowe’en, the dresscode was aquat­ic, so I had to come up with some­thing to wear in an after­noon (and Tukru in even less time). Good old Costumes for Plays and Play­ing came to the rescue. A fish hood/​cape with scales for me, and a button-on mermaid tail for Tukru.

laid out fabric

I got some offcuts of fishy fabric, sequinned trim and some eyes from a local fabric shop. Total about £7. There’s 50cm of the sequinned stuff, and 25cm of the other stuff.

Fish 2

I cut a vague semi-circle of the silver fabric.

Fish 3

Then I cut rows of scal­lop-shapes of the gauzy fabric, and sewed them on. That gauzy stuff is a complete bugger to work with in small shapes. Then I sewed the sequin trim around the top edge, and the bias bind­ing around the bottom edge, and then fixed the eyes on either side. I didn’t use the blue lace trim in the end. The whole effect was more glam-rock than I’d inten­ded. I then wore my sail­or dress and a silver lurex cardigan with it. I thought I had more photos of the costume actu­ally on, but this is the only (not very good) photo of it.


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