Et tu, pipio?

pigeon no text

Last March, I drew these fat pigeons for Moogie Wonderland’s Ides of March event. I did a silhouette projection about Julius Caesar, and made some fortune telling games based on the Roman practices of divining by watching birds or inspecting livers. The birds read “turn me over for your fortune”, and were hung up with strings around the room (you can see that version here).

The fortunes were mostly as many bad puns as I could think of about the Romans. Stuff like “you’ll have some jam for tea” or “there’s no place like Rome”. (The Moogie people love bad puns). I wrote about it at the time. I meant to scan the bird design at the time too, but I forgot, and then couldn’t find the bird I’d kept. It turned up yesterday in the folder full of boring stuff like tax documents. Not a place I often look if I can help it.

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