Every morn­ing there are moun­tains to climb

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I haven’t posted here for nearly a month now. Family illness, upcom­ing major life changes, unsuc­cess­ful job hunts and other stress­ful things have taken up my time. I’ve had a lot of ideas for posts to make here, but neither the time nor energy to write them. Not a lot of fun happen­ing round this way lately. I got to see Grimes play live though recently, which was some­thing, at least. Here are some inter­est­ing links to share.

  • Sun Ra’s busi­ness cards from the 1950s. Sun Ra never “died”, he is just vibrat­ing on a differ­ent plane these days.
  • Photo­graphs from inside Kowloon Walled City and the people who lived and worked there in the 80s before it was knocked down. Where there is no law, shady dent­ists prolif­er­ate. For anyone who is unfa­mil­i­ar with the place, here’s some info.
  • Photos of Covent Garden from the 60s when it was still a fruit and veget­able market, and the story of how it was nearly knocked down to build a giant concrete complex of 60s build­ings.
  • The disturb­ing story of Su Meck, who lost her memory in an acci­dent in the 80s. It starts out as what seems like a heart-warm­ing story of a family pulling round their moth­er strug­gling to cope with memory prob­lems, but the more you find out about her husband, the more disturb­ing the story becomes, and the more ques­tion­able the origin­al “acci­dent”.
  • Jaya Catches Up– a series on the always delight­ful The Toast, where the writer reads children’s clas­sics she some­how missed as a child and notices a lot of the weird stuff that passes you by as a kid
  • Acci­dent­al Haikus from articles in the New York Times
  • The world’s largest ship-break­ing yard in Pakistan.
  • Photos of the Great Guatem­alan Sink­hole
  • Good points about creepy over­use of rape scenes in “histor­ic­al” shows. Real­ist­ic hairy armpits and bad teeth are appar­ently too much for tv, but graph­ic viol­ence is just par for the course and no big deal as far as tv exec­ut­ives seem to think.
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