Every morning there are mountains to climb

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I haven’t posted here for nearly a month now. Family illness, upcoming major life changes, unsuccessful job hunts and other stressful things have taken up my time. I’ve had a lot of ideas for posts to make here, but neither the time nor energy to write them. Not a lot of fun happening round this way lately. I got to see Grimes play live though recently, which was something, at least. Here are some interesting links to share.

  • Sun Ra’s business cards from the 1950s. Sun Ra never “died”, he is just vibrating on a different plane these days.
  • Photographs from inside Kowloon Walled City and the people who lived and worked there in the 80s before it was knocked down. Where there is no law, shady dentists proliferate. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the place, here’s some info.
  • Photos of Covent Garden from the 60s when it was still a fruit and vegetable market, and the story of how it was nearly knocked down to build a giant concrete complex of 60s buildings.
  • The disturbing story of Su Meck, who lost her memory in an accident in the 80s. It starts out as what seems like a heart-warming story of a family pulling round their mother struggling to cope with memory problems, but the more you find out about her husband, the more disturbing the story becomes, and the more questionable the original “accident”.
  • Jaya Catches Up– a series on the always delightful The Toast, where the writer reads children’s classics she somehow missed as a child and notices a lot of the weird stuff that passes you by as a kid
  • Accidental Haikus from articles in the New York Times
  • The world’s largest ship-breaking yard in Pakistan.
  • Photos of the Great Guatemalan Sinkhole
  • Good points about creepy overuse of rape scenes in “historical” shows. Realistic hairy armpits and bad teeth are apparently too much for tv, but graphic violence is just par for the course and no big deal as far as tv executives seem to think.
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