Le Haut Boulay /​ Fomapan 400 review

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I’ve got two big folders of negat­ives, and some bags of undeveloped film in the fridge. Recently I decided to do some­thing about this. I developed the black and white rolls myself, and have star­ted work on scan­ning all the negat­ives.

Here’s one of the rolls I developed- some photos of a place called Le Haut Boulay in North­ern France near where my mum lives. I have never seen a soul in the hamlet. There’s a hand­ful of houses and the road­side shrine, and that’s it.

It was really a test roll for the film. Fomapan 400- a very cheap black and white film from the Czech Repub­lic. You can get a roll for £4 as opposed to £7 a roll for Ilford films, and I wanted to see if I liked it as much. I’m not entirely sure what camera I used, but it’s most likely to be my 70s Pentax film SLR.

It’s really quite differ­ent in feel to the Ilford HP5 I normally use, despite being the same ASA. More detailed, and less able to be pushed or manip­u­lated- the high­lights burn out easily, and I feel you really have to just expose it as is.

I wonder how often anyone opens up this wayside shrine. There’s some­thing very pre-Chris­ti­an about them, despite being offi­cially a Cath­ol­ic insti­tu­tion.

There are a lot of aban­doned or semi-aban­doned stone build­ings in the French coun­tryside. Often some distant relat­ive has inher­ited it, but doesn’t want to own up to it and pay any taxes owing.

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