Friends in Vienna

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This is Delal. She saw some pictures I’d posted on my tumblr ( tagged with Wien and sent me a message to see if I’d like to hang out, because it seemed we liked loads of the same things. She’s from Germany origin­ally, and is study­ing Journ­al­ism in Vienna and likes draw­ing and photo­graphy too.


We met up in the cafe of the Modern Art Museum, and hit it off imme­di­ately, talk­ing about music and art and films and cake, and then took some b&w photo­booth strips.


Later in the week, we went to her friend Anna’s ( gig at an art gallery. There was cake and badges and unbe­liev­ably cheap beer and lots of really nice inter­est­ing people. At first every­one was very politely talk­ing to me in their best English about really bland topics, but as soon as I said “Oh I can speak German, you don’t have to worry about me under­stand­ing you” every­one relaxed and we had normal inter­est­ing conver­sa­tions.


So thanks to Delal for being a cool new friend in Vienna.
Here’s her Tumblr:

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