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I was really broke for most of 2014. I didn’t get to go to many bigger gigs, but I did go to a lot of smal­ler ones. I made this playl­ist of songs each by a band I saw last year. It’s not an exhaust­ive list, I just picked songs I liked by bands I had a good time seeing, which were also avail­able on Spoti­fy and worked togeth­er on a playl­ist. If you are outside the UK I don’t know if all of them will play, due to a lot of them being bands of people I know putting their records out on small labels or them­selves. Hope­fully they will.

1) There’s a Ghost in my House- the Fall
When search­ing for this song initially, I acci­dent­ally added a live version to the playl­ist. It was one of those Fall gigs where MES doesn’t know any of the words. Luck­ily the time I saw them this year was a lot better.

2) Yamato (Where People Really Die)– the Van Pelt
I was supposed to see the Van Pelt at the Jabber­wocky fest­iv­al which was cancelled at the last minute. After a bit of scrab­bling I managed to sort out tick­ets to a replace­ment Van Pelt gig at a hotel not too far from where I live. Although I was aggrieved about the cancelled fest­iv­al, getting a great head­line gig at a smallish venue from a band who almost never play vs a 20 minute set at a giant confer­ence centre that’s hard to get to wasn’t so bad.

3) In Other Words– Shop­ping
4) Taro Taro Taro– Halo Halo
Two bands who share members with Trash Kit. Rachel A is in Shop­ping, and Rachel H in Halo Halo.

5) Cat Call– Ravi­oli Me Away
“Don’t go walk­ing around Clapham, you might find your­self marry­ing an estate agent”

6) Inter­fer­ence Fits– Perfect Pussy
This was a double bill with Joanna Grue­some. I met Meredith a little while ago, and really liked her. She was very nice and person­able.

7) We’ll Both Apolo­gise– Trust Fund
Some­thing lovely from Bris­tol. More of that further down the playl­ist too.

8) Dust, Juice, Bones and Hair– Martha
Martha come from a town in Co. Durham called Pity Me. It really sounds like some­thing out of Jonath­an Strange & Mr Norrell. Onsind with some of the same members are also well worth a look.

9) Beach Party– Punch­ing Swans
One of Medway’s finest. Check out the video filmed in Herne Bay. Kent is not short of crum­bling seaside towns.

10) Dec. 15– Grubs
11) Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers– Joanna Grue­some
Two more Bris­tol bands. Owen is in both, and Roxy is in Trust Fund and Grubs as well as doing her own solo stuff as Two White Cranes.

12) Cream Soda- Playl­ounge
Anoth­er gig I went to in lieu of Jabber­wocky. They weren’t play­ing the fest­iv­al, I went to this with a friend who hadn’t managed to snap up any tick­ets in time for replace­ment gigs.

13) Careers in Combat– Parquet Courts
Or Parkay Quarts on the days when they feel like being giant quant­it­ies of margar­ine.

14) Anyone Can Have a Good Time– Owls
When mentally rank­ing the vari­ous Kinsella bands, Owls are person­ally no 2 after Cap’n Jazz. Tim Kinsella has a very odd stage pres­ence.

15) I’m in Your House– Cowtown
16) Mr Blood– That Fuck­ing Tank
Two from Leeds. Cowtown are possibly that ghost that has been both­er­ing Mark E. Smith.

17) Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster– Thee Oh Sees
Anoth­er gig that was a replace­ment for the cancelled ATP. Also a head­line show in the base­ment of a hotel. Enorm­ous fun.

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