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En route to my next work assign­ment in Deutsch­lands­berg near the Slov­e­ni­an border I stopped off in Graz overnight. I’ve been to Graz loads of times (albeit never for more than a day at a time). It’s a really nice city, even if every­one does have a thick Arnie accent. 

It was chest­nut season.

This optician’s has a vend­ing machine outside that dispenses novelty sunglasses (this is where the green sunglasses my friend Joe was wear­ing in these Bismuth promo shots I took came from. It was empty when I walked past.

They’d installed an eyeball vend­ing machine though!

The entrance to a big shop­ping centre, believe it or not.

If you need a ginger­bread heart with a cheesy iced motto in Styri­an dialect, you know where to go now.

Spar deliv­ers on the hoof-free treats.

Emma is a German entry-level femin­ist magazine.

Raking in those tour­ist euros in the train station with locally set thrillers. “Graz in dark­ness”, “The Ghosts of Graz”, “The Angel of Graz”, “Graz Rage” and “The Dance of Death in Graz”. More on the lower level too (also adap­ted for TV) “Styri­an Blood” “Styri­an Child” “Styri­an Cross”.Top merchand­ise, train station tour­ist place.

Just what I fancy buying in a toilet, a tiny box of ancient dried up gummies.

Instant mulled rum. You mix the concen­trate with hot water and drink it after skiing. Bendy tram in Graz.

Decor­a­tion of the hotel lobby. I’ve stayed here a few times as it’s right next to the train station, nice, and they often have discount rooms. The decor­a­tions change a bit every time.

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