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Long time no see- I haven’t updated this blog in a while, due to a family death and deal­ing with selling the house, legal matters and other life stress. In the mean­time I’ve been to Austria and Germany and organ­ised a few gigs and a small fest­iv­al. More on that later.

In July I went to Kitzbühel in Austria for work. I was there to run a work­shop in the local middle school, and the mayor gave me and my three co-work­ers tick­ets for the local ski lift. The weath­er was pretty bad the week I was there, but was fine enough one day to go to the top of the Hahnen­kamm, one of the local peaks. Kitzbühel is 700m above sea level, the ski lift takes you to 1200m and then there’s a fairly easy walk up to the 2000m height of the Ehren­bach­höhe.

The white cover conceals snow saved for next year’s ski season.

Kitzbühel from the air.

I won this compass as a prize in a penny machine in Margate. It works surpris­ingly well!



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