Hats & Hamming it up

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The night before I went to Austria I hung out with some friends to drink beer and yell out the answers to quiz shows. I do enjoy a good bit of trivia. Some hats made an outing, and I took some hammily posed photos. I also got really indig­nant about the continu­ing exist­ence of Roger Waters, even though he’s not quite in the Bono league for me.


Meg & Chris. Chris pretty much *never* wears hats, which is why I took the photo.

Ooh, Betty

Michael found this beret, and decided to put his coat on, and pretend to be Frank Spen­cer (been watch­ing a fair bit of Some Moth­ers Do ‘Ave “Em recently). It’s hard to be gorm­less enough.


Being Frank Spencer

Michael Hogan, thespi­an extraordin­aire, man of many moods.

Time for your closeup

Time for your clos­eup.

Meg's Tattoo

Meg’s new tattoo.


Scott in the beret, look­ing like some kind of seri­ous polit­ics student from the 60s.


Meg & Jake

Meg & Jake. I hadn’t met Jacob before. Nice guy, even if he is far too fond of Pink Floyd minus Syd.




This photo is totally posed, by the way.


Meg’s legs.

Scott for the third time

Scott again.


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