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I was work­ing in Vienna a few weeks ago, and I haven’t got round to upload­ing photos and putting them here. There’s plenty to come. I went to as many art exhib­its as I could in the week I was work­ing in Vienna. I’ve never felt so spoilt by all the free entry in London. I think I spent about €40 over­all just on museum entries. It was worth it to see some things in the flesh though.

Schiele- lantern.JPG

First up- the Leopold Museum. Home of Klimt & Schiele. Some of the famous paint­ings like the Kiss are in differ­ent museums in other coun­tries tho.

Klimt- death.JPG

A Klimt- I sent post­cards of this paint­ing to a few friends. I like Death’s jazzy outfit.

Klimt- death 2.JPG

A clos­eup of the life side of the paint­ing.

Klimt- Death 3.JPG

A clos­eup of Death’s sneaky expres­sion.

Schiele- impasto.JPG

Schiele- Look­ing at repro­duc­tions in books I’d never real­ised how thick and impasto the paint is on the back­grounds of his portraits. The faces are painted with much smooth­er more subtle strokes. I like the contrast.

Schiele- Wally.JPG

This paint­ing of Schiele’s girl­friend Wally had only recently joined the museum, and they had a little party to celeb­rate the couple’s reunion. I wasn’t there that day though. It hangs in the grand hall of the museum next to the first picture of Schiele I posted, with photos and bios of the couple around them.

Klimt- thunder.JPG

I never really liked this Klimt land­scape in books. It doesn’t look so wonder­ful in a photo either. In real life, it’s really got some­thing though. You can feel the atmo­spher­ic pres­sure rising.

Schiele- self-portrait.JPG

Schiele is all about the nakeds. This paint­ing is MASSIVE in real life. Bigger than life-size.

Schiele- woman.JPG

I think I sent a post­card of this one to Tukru,

Schiele- house with shingles.jpg

For some reas­on I’d never seen this Schiele paint­ing before, but I love it.

Schiele- Newborn.JPG

Oh the lines!

Kokoschka -poster.JPG

Oskar Kokosch­ka basic­ally has the best name ever.

Klimt- mural.JPG

It’s a real pity this Klimt paint­ing was burnt in WWII, and all there is left is this b&w photo.


There was also a good exhib­i­tion about applied arts in the Wien­er Seces­sion. I partic­u­larly liked this poster.

jugendstil pisstake.JPG

This is a piss­take of an Art Nouveau house. Check out the pret­zels.

Otto Schatz- Die Hoffnung.JPG

There were some paint­ings by artist I’d never heard of before too. This is by Otto Schatz. It’s called Die Hoffnung- the hope. I like the amount of differ­ent stor­ies you can construe from the paint­ing.

Werner Burg- Pig Market.JPG

Wern­er Burg- Schwein­markt

Leopold Birstinger- Woman With Bouquet .JPG

Leopold Birstinger- Woman with Bouquet. I really liked the use of colour in this one. They seem to glow out from the back­ground.



This extract from a book was prin­ted on one of the walls. It appealed to me at the time. I was in a romantic mood, the sun was shin­ing, I was in Vienna, and full of deli­cious cake. Sadly there is no romance going on in my life these days.

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