Meow, meow, meow


Me & my ex-boyfriend had a cat. He was a stray who decided to move into my friends’ house, and we ended up taking him. We had him for two years as a girl named Mia, until the vet said “you do know your cat is a neutered male, right?” so he reverted to his original name of Meow. As cats go, he was pretty good. Very affectionate, but had somehow missed out on the basic training programme for the cat lifestyle, and so was always getting himself into scrapes like getting his claws stuck in the sofa and not knowing what to do. Here he is hypnotising himself with one of those glitter lamps. Unfortunately he had to be put down the day before New Year’s Eve, because he was old and ill and had lost the use of his legs and couldn’t eat anymore. Goodbye Meow.


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