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Here’s a selec­tion of instagram photos I took in Tokyo. I felt I was giving it short shrift only having one post with a few photos. You can see more in the Japan category, and also read about the trip in the zine I wrote.

 That’s the famous scramble cross­ing in Shibuya. It’s not scary in real life though, because you get a lot of time to cross. The build­ing on the right photo is pretty much love hotels on every floor.


Some great work here on the part of the photo­booth market­ing people. A lineup of hosts to pay to flat­ter you. A surpris­ingly large volume of letra­set screentone on sale in an art shop.

hundred yen

¥100 (about 70p/US$1) shop treas­ures and green tea snacks.


Don Quijote is a ridicu­lous shop that sells everything you may never need. The Taito branch is open 24 hours.


This little Pingu-knock­off guy is the mascot of the contact­less travel card in Tokyo. You can buy a huge vari­ety of souven­irs with his face on, includ­ing these omiy­age cakes.


Mundane things in back streets. Vend­ing machines. Quilts left out for a laun­dry van. Umbrella locks at the Meiji Shrine.


The Happy Cow app was a valu­able source of meat-free food, includ­ing this Japan­ese inter­pret­a­tion of vegan cheesy chips. (The cafe was also play­ing Morris­sey on a loop).


Not all of Tokyo is crowded. Our hostel was near the river, and the grounds of the Meiji Shrine and the parks provide a lot of green space.

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