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Here’s a selection of instagram photos I took in Tokyo. I felt I was giving it short shrift only having one post with a few photos. You can see more in the Japan category, and also read about the trip in the zine I wrote.

 That’s the famous scramble crossing in Shibuya. It’s not scary in real life though, because you get a lot of time to cross. The building on the right photo is pretty much love hotels on every floor.


Some great work here on the part of the photobooth marketing people. A lineup of hosts to pay to flatter you. A surprisingly large volume of letraset screentone on sale in an art shop.

hundred yen

¥100 (about 70p/US$1) shop treasures and green tea snacks.


Don Quijote is a ridiculous shop that sells everything you may never need. The Taito branch is open 24 hours.


This little Pingu-knockoff guy is the mascot of the contactless travel card in Tokyo. You can buy a huge variety of souvenirs with his face on, including these omiyage cakes.


Mundane things in back streets. Vending machines. Quilts left out for a laundry van. Umbrella locks at the Meiji Shrine.


The Happy Cow app was a valuable source of meat-free food, including this Japanese interpretation of vegan cheesy chips. (The cafe was also playing Morrissey on a loop).


Not all of Tokyo is crowded. Our hostel was near the river, and the grounds of the Meiji Shrine and the parks provide a lot of green space.

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