balloons at pick me up

Pick Me Up 2012


Before I went to Bulgaria, I helped out at Pick Me Up, a yearly graphics art fair. My tutor was running a “Drawing Olympics” workshop, and some of us students went along to help.

Somerset House

The event was at Somerset House, along the river. I was really impressed with this installation in the courtyard. Last time I was there the area was filled up with a stage with Belle & Sebastian playing.

Workshop 1

There were various games, like drawing as many everyday objects as you could against the clock, tiled consequences, and continue the comic.

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

My tutor is the man in braces.

Comics 1

We all had to make the first panel of a comic, which visitors would continue. Each person could only see the previous panel rather than the whole story.

Comics 2

Mine very quickly turned into a pony story in the following panels.

Consequences 1

Consequences 2

Tiled consequences, each drawing can link up with the others on each side.

Consequences 3

This one looked like Lenin.

Stalls 1

There were stalls from all different artists.

Stalls 3

Screen printing

At this stall you could choose an image and screen print it onto a tshirt yourself.


There was also a fake museum full of hand-crafted objects.

Ghosts 1

I particularly liked the ghosts and bones.

Ghosts 3

Bones 1

Bones 4

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