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Here’s some Puffin books I scanned so I could stick the pictures in my art college diary.

puffin 1

Puffin annu­al from the 1960s. I mainly bought it for the cover, but it’s actu­ally full of inter­est­ing articles.

puffin 2

Such as the making of Captain Pugwash. I never real­ised it wasn’t made by stop motion, but by three people wiggling the bits of card­board in real-time along with the soundtrack via tabs on the back of the artwork.

puffin 3

puffin design 1

Puffin by Design book I got for my birth­day. The late 50s-early 70s designs in the book are amaz­ing, but they get really tacky in the 80s, and even the recent stuff is things like “Magic Kitten Seaside Mystery” with crappy computer drawn glow on everything (glow shad­ing is one of my pet design hates). The author makes rude comments about the 80s and 90s covers, but restrains from comment­ing about the current ones.

puffin design 2

You can do a lot with flat planes of colour. Some­times advances in print­ing work against qual­ity of design.

puffin sea

This book’s great. It’s organ­ised into “The Sea Itself”, “Creatures of Sea, Land and Sky”, “On the Beach”, “Find­ings and Keep­ings”, “I Do Like to be beside the Seaside”, “Harbour and Island, Cape and Cliff”, “Fish­ing and Fish­er­folk”, “A Life on the Ocean Wave”, “Vessels”, “Seamen All”, “In Deep”, “Sea-Changes”, “Lovers False and Lovers True”, “Dream­ers, Solit­ar­ies and Surviv­ors”, “Ship­wreck, Storm and Disaster”, “Wreck­ers, Invaders, Pirates and Pris­on­ers”, “Battles and Engage­ments” and “Voyagings, Depar­tures and Home­com­ings”; which is almost as good as a poem itself. It’s got everything from Homer to Philip Larkin and has really nice illus­tra­tions at the start of each category.

puffin sea 2

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  1. This is great look­ing stuff! I have a lot of fond memor­ies of the Puffin books from grow­ing up, and would be fascin­ated to look through the book on the history of the cover design.

  2. I had that annu­al, once upon a time! I was an almost founder member of the Puffin Club (I joined with the second issue of Puffin Post). I still have my certi­fic­ates from Fat Puffin for winning compet­i­tions and my signed photo from Richard Carpenter, of “The Ghosts of Motely Hall” that I won!

  3. I think you should frame them and put them up on the wall!

    One of my friends won a sketch­book from Tony Hart's gallery. She's still too scared to draw in it to this day.

    I've been temp­ted recently to get a second hand copy of that Free Stuff for Kids book that schools always had, and send some SAEs off to some list­ings and see what happens.

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