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I’ve been very busy this week. On Wednesday I moved all my stuff out of London and into storage until the end of May, and visited my dad, then took the train up to Sheffield to see friends and table at the Sheffield Zine Fest. I had a great time, but I was exhausted and fell asleep at 7pm on Saturday! I’m going back to Yorkshire this weekend for a friend’s wedding, and then Italy the following week (ridiculously, it was cheaper to go on holiday to Lake Garda, hardly the cheapest region of Italy, than it was to extend my tenancy a week in London. Let that one sink in… ). When I come back towards the end of May, I’ll then go to Sussex to house-sit for the summer.

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In between that I somehow found the time to finish two zines ready for the zine fair. I’ve also opened my own online shop, with zines, vintage haberdashery and letter and mail themed goodies. I was increasingly fed up of Etsy and their constantly changing policies, and the basic shop that comes with my webhosting kept letting people order products that had sold out. So I’ve spent countless incredibly boring hours setting up a WooCommerce shop. It wasn’t time wasted though, as it looks really nice though and works out the shipping very accurately! UK shipping is also free. When I’m reunited with my stuff from storage there will also be a lot more haberdashery and zine back issues.

You can find it at or just click the shop button in the menu

There is also 10% off for new customers with the code HELLO

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