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I’ve been very busy this week. On Wednes­day I moved all my stuff out of London and into stor­age until the end of May, and visited my dad, then took the train up to Shef­field to see friends and table at the Shef­field Zine Fest. I had a great time, but I was exhausted and fell asleep at 7pm on Saturday! I’m going back to York­shire this week­end for a friend’s wedding, and then Italy the follow­ing week (ridicu­lously, it was cheap­er to go on holi­day to Lake Garda, hardly the cheapest region of Italy, than it was to extend my tenancy a week in London. Let that one sink in… ). When I come back towards the end of May, I’ll then go to Sussex to house-sit for the summer.

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In between that I some­how found the time to finish two zines ready for the zine fair. I’ve also opened my own online shop, with zines, vintage haber­dash­ery and letter and mail themed good­ies. I was increas­ingly fed up of Etsy and their constantly chan­ging policies, and the basic shop that comes with my webhost­ing kept letting people order products that had sold out. So I’ve spent count­less incred­ibly boring hours setting up a WooCom­merce shop. It wasn’t time wasted though, as it looks really nice though and works out the ship­ping very accur­ately! UK ship­ping is also free. When I’m reunited with my stuff from stor­age there will also be a lot more haber­dash­ery and zine back issues.

You can find it at or just click the shop button in the menu

There is also 10% off for new custom­ers with the code HELLO

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