Save Waterloo Library

Save Waterloo Library poster

I made these posters to help a friend campaign to stop Waterloo Library being closed down and sold off (there is definitely no resemblance intended to a certain range of paperback books . . ). Lambeth council is making devastating cuts to their libraries after having their budget cut. This government have been slowly and deliberately destroying every public service they can, if it doesn’t make their rich business friends richer, they don’t care. Libraries are incredibly important, and the poorer the area the more vital they are. Even with my family, who did have books at home, there is no way I would have the education I have now if I hadn’t have been constantly reading books from the public library growing up.

Colour and black and white versions of the poster and flyers are available to download here and print out if you live in London and want to help with the campaign. There is also a petition here, and a council feedback form to fill in here

Facebook group for saving all Lambeth Libraries here
Facebook group for saving Waterloo Library here

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